Associated beneficiaries

Project funded by the European Union and coordinated
by the Government of Aragon.

Project partners

The LIFE SURFING project has five partners from three European countries:


The project coordinating beneficiary is in charge of the general management and coordination. As Public Administration, it has a wide historical knowledge of the sites contaminated by the lindane production waste in the region. Its wide experience in the containing of the contamination in sediments and water will be determinant to achieve and dissemination the objectives outlined in the Life Surfing test.
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As an associated beneficiary, the International HCH and pesticides association offers its international experience in the mediation and problem resolution related with pesticides and other POPs, gained through more than 30 years. In the framework of the Life Surfing test it is in charge of some dissemination and transferability activities, as well as the organisation of the 14th International HCH and Pesticides Forum that will take place in Zaragoza.

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John Vijgen:


Their experience in LIFE projects enhanced SARGAs participation in the project, so that they could contribute with their experience as associated partner.

SARGA is in charge of implementation and dissemination actions, among which the field test implementation and the monitoring and analysis of results are to be highlighted. With regard to communication and dissemination, SARGA has undertaken the dissemination and communication of a large number of European projects, as well as the organisation and participation in events at local, national and international level.

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Alicia Sánchez-Valverde:


VEGAS, research centre for the subsoil remediation of the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT), is a German reference centre of research in all aspects related to the soil rehabilitation and remediation of contaminated soils. VEGAS will transfer the technology to other conditions, such as different hydrogeological situations and different dense contaminants. They will develop medium and large scale laboratory tests under controlled conditions, using the flume infrastructure available in VEGAS.

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Norbert Klaas:


The main task of the UCM will be the experimental design and the evaluation of the Life Surfing pilot test. INPROQUIMA group counts with facilities to carry out the laboratory scale experiments as well as with a specific simulation software.

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Aurora Santos: